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In these terms and conditions “The Vendor” means The Food Packaging Company LTD. “The Customer” means any person, firm, company or other legal entity which places an order, or buys any products from the Vendor and includes the employees, agents or sub-contractors of any such person, firm, company or other legal entity. “Products” means item agreed in the contract to be supplied by the Vendor to the Customer.  “Cash” means monetary consideration UK bank notes and UK bank coins. “Cheque” means bank cheque, bank draft, direct debit, standing order.

​How Do I Place An Order?


To place an order you can either use the online shop to place an order quickly. If something more specialist is required or specific details need to be worked out please send us an email or phone the office number. 

Payment and Shipping


Our orders are sent in our own van to the majority of locations in the UK. However In some situations the products must be sent on a courier that we have found most satisfactory.  Delivery is free for orders over £150 to England and Wales and orders over £200 to Scotland. 

Payment can be sent through PayPal or bank transfer on the online shop. If the order is placed on the phone or via email then payment will be taken through bank transfer. 


The prices quoted or shown are exclusive of VAT at standard rate. The vendor reserves the right to vary or alter product specification and price without prior notice. 

Returns & Refunds


The vendor will only credit the customer if the wrong product was delivered, as long as it is returned unopened within 7 days. Damages or other mistakes must be notified by the customer within 7 days. 

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